The Best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.

—Jacques Yves Cousteau

Mask Scubapro Crystal Vu (silicone)
US $73
Masker Scubapro terlaris! Dengan kaca samping untuk panoramic view.

Mask & Snorkel Scubapro Spectra (BRAND NEW!)
Rp. 1,130,000
Ladies, this is for YOU! Tampil berbeda dari yang lain.

Tusa Full Foot Fins
Rp. 750,000
Extremely strong fin with flexible blade

Mask DeltaXsub Aion (silicone)
Rp. 275,000
Basic two lenses mask. Great for casual snorkeling or diving

Scubapro Phoenix Snorkel (full dry - air tidak masuk)
US $33
Auto shut mechanism keeps water away, you no longer worry about water.

Scubapro Profile 3mm Wetsuit (neoprene)
US $240
This stretchy wetsuit moves along however you want without constraining
DeltaXsub Thronos Fins
Rp. 395,000
All purpose, simple & comfortable rubber fins. Available for children and adult.
Mask DeltaXsub Aquatic (silicone)
Rp. 350,000
Got water in your mask? Simply blow the water out with the breathe of your nose.
Scubapro Trinidad Mask (frameless)
US $45
Low volume mask, loved by free diver! Easy for mask clearing, too.
Garmin GPS Echosounder
Garmin GPS 585s (Bahasa Indonesia)
Rp. 5,850,000 (garansi 1 tahun)
3 in 1 combo! GPS dan pencari ikan.